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3.       Registered office: Avenida de la Paz, 137, 26006, Logroño (La Rioja), Spain

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This and all other related documents regulate the terms and conditions governing use of the Website ( and the purchase or acquisition of the services offered therein, specifically comprising attendance services for the event organized by HTLV European Research Network 2020 (hereinafter the Terms and Conditions). Attendance at the event implies management and booking of accommodation and meals.

The above-mentioned Terms and Conditions refer to the online activities of UNIR, which comprise

1.       Attendance at the event

2.       Hotel bookings

3.       Management of attendee catering

Users should read these General Terms and Conditions, the Legal Notice, and the UNIR Cookies and Privacy Policies before entering, browsing and/or using the website. Users accessing the Website and/or requesting the services will be bound by these General Terms and Conditions. Accordingly, you should use this Website if your are not in conformity therewith.

The Terms and Conditions are subject to amendment. In any event, Users are responsible for checking the Terms and Conditions each time they enter, browse or use the Website, and the Terms and Conditions prevailing from time to time will apply to requests for any of the services offered. Any Users who may have concerns about the Terms and Conditions may contact UNIR via any of the channels provided at the top of these Terms and Conditions.

Use of the services entails full and unreserved acceptance and applicability of each and every one of the General Terms and Conditions as set forth in the latest version thereof. The Terms and Conditions will be deemed tacitly included in any contract made with UNIR without the need for them to be included in writing in the body of such contract.


The event attendance services related are merely explanatory and are intended to inform Users about the availability and nature of the services. Use of the services implies acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions set out in this document.


Browsing, access and use of the Website confers the condition of user and/or users, and it therefore means that all of the Terms and Conditions set out in this document, as well as any subsequent amendments thereof, are accepted from the moment when browsing begins on the Site notwithstanding any applicable legislation, as the case may be.

The User shall be responsible for proper use of this Website. Accordingly, the User shall:

a)       Use the Website only for the purposes of lawful consultation, shopping and/or purchases.

b)      Not attempt any kind of false or fraudulent purchases and/or transactions. Where a transaction could be defined as false or fraudulent, it will be cancelled and the competent authorities will be informed.

c)       Provide authentic, bona fide contact particulars.

In any event, the User declares that he/she is 18 years of age or older and has full legal capacity to contract via this Website.

The Website is aimed principally at Users resident in Spain.


Registered Users can shop and make purchases on the Website using the means and in the manner established.

Users must follow the Website’s online shopping and/or purchasing procedure, selecting one or more products and/or services and adding the same to their shopping trolley or basket, or to the final buying area, and finally clicking

Users must fill out, complete and check the information requested in each step of the process, although purchase data may be changed at any time during the shopping process before payment is made.

The User will immediately receive an email message confirming that UNIR has received their request to purchase the product and/or service concerned. This message will serve as confirmation of attendance at the event by the User. Where applicable, this information may be forwarded to a User upon request using the means indicated at the top of this document.

The User will be required to declare at the time of buying that he/she is aware of any specific conditions of sale concerning the service in question, as indicated together with the service or, where applicable, in an image on this Website. By way of example (which is not exhaustive):






        Spaces and/or venues

        Details of the Service

        Means of providing the Service

        Cost of providing the Service


The prices shown on the Website are end prices in euros (€) and they include the applicable taxes.

The Website will not automatically include any additional costs in the price of a service and will charge only those amounts freely and voluntarily selected and accepted by the User. Nevertheless, prices may change at any time. However, such possible changes will not affect orders or purchases made by Users who have already received confirmation of their orders.

The means of payment that can be used comprise credit or debit card, wire transfer and PayPal.

Credit card payments will be subject to verification and authorization by the card issuer. If a User’s bank does not authorize a payment, UNIR will not be responsible to the User for failure to provide the service contracted.

The credit card will be charged at the time when confirmation of delivery and/or provision of a service in the manner and, where applicable, at the place established is sent to the User.

Purchase and/or transaction orders in which the User selects wire transfer as the means of payment. The order will be prepared and shipment arranged when the transfer is received by the system.


In accordance with the Spanish Value Added Tax Act (Law 37/1992, of 28 December), purchase orders for the delivery of goods and/or provision of services will be deemed located in Spain for VAT purposes if the delivery address is in Spain, except in the case of the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. The VAT rate applicable will be that prevailing from time to time in accordance with legislation prevailing from time to time.


Users may withdraw from any purchase made within a period of 14 days from the moment that a service is contracted or a booking is made, in accordance with the Spanish General Consumer Defence Act, subject to the exceptions established therein for goods and services manufactured or personalized following the consumer’s specifications, services which have already begun, sealed products, etc.


UNIR has applied all necessary measures to ensure quality viewing and access to the Website. However, we cannot guarantee that minimal differences or inaccuracies may arise due to poor screen resolution, problems with the browser used or other similar issues.


By using this Website, the User acknowledges that most communications with UNIR will be conducted electronically via email or alerts published on the Website.  

Users may send notices and/or communicate with UNIR using the contact particulars provided in these General Terms and Conditions or via the contact spaces provided on the Website, where applicable.


Any personal data or particulars provided by the User to UNIR in the course of a transaction on the Website will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy ( By entering, browsing and/or using the Website, the User consents to the processing of his/her personal data and particulars and warrants that all such data and particulars are true and accurate.